Bikes & Brews with Heller Bikes and 10K Brewing

We’re excited to announce another event we’re hosting in the Twin Cities. We’ve teamed up with Heller Bikes and 10K Brewing to ride some trails and drink some beer. We’ll start the morning with a ride at Elm Creek Mountain Bike Trail at 10AM. We’ll be meeting up to talk about Heller Bikes and offer some demos then we’ll hit the trail and work up a thirst. This isn’t a formal ride just a fun get together to ride and check out the latest from Heller. At 2PM we’ll pack it up and head down the road to 10K Brewing in Anoka where we’ll have some Heller Bikes and Full Curl Brand gear on display so we can hang out some more over some frosty brews from Anoka’s first brewery.

This is a FREE event as in no admission or tickets required but bring beer money and if you like our gear we’ll have special pricing on select items at the event. Please be sure to bring your own bike for the ride as demo bikes will be limited. So make sure you have your own way to hit the trails and then grab a demo when they’re available.

RSVP on Facebook.

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Sunrise at Split Rock Lighthouse

There’s something special about the sunrise. It’s likely because catching the sunrise requires more effort than watching the sunset. Most everyone is awake for the sunset but getting up early to intentionally start your day watching the world come alive is amazing. I think part of that feeling comes from it generally being a time alone or with a very small, close group of people. You don’t generally run into strangers watching the sunrise. That was exactly my experience recently at Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior.

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Customer Review of our Full Curl Brand Full Zip Hoodie

As we kicked off our winter gear sale we wanted to see what our customers thought so we reached out to a few to get their thoughts. Here’s a review from our customer Kevin, give him a follow on Instagram! (Full Disclosure: Kevin purchased his hoodie at full price and volunteered to provide a full review when we asked for a testimonial.)

I have to admit, that when it comes to clothing I’m very picky. I buy the same brands that I’ve worn for years and that I trust, over and over and I tend to stick with them. That said, when it came to looking at the apparel produced by Full Curl Brand, I decided to take a chance and creep out of my comfort zone.

A choice very well made.

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Heller Bikes Announces New Mountain Bike – Shagamaw

Being in the Twin Cities and a bike enthusiast it’s pretty hard to ignore QBP just over in Bloomington. One of their most exciting new offerings is a new brand aimed at the serious weekend warrior with affordable carbon frame off-road bikes. Heller’s initial offering is the Bloodhound and Bloodhound Bluto an affordable carbon fatbike. Now they’re launching their newest offering the Shagamaw:

Heller is excited to announce Shagamaw—the bold, new trail-ready bike designed to devour your local singletrack. Shagamaw is a 27.5+ carbon hardtail designed with Boost spacing, modern geometry for up to 130mm travel suspension forks, and build options with SRAM GX1 or Shimano Deore.

Heller Brand Manager, Bobby Dahlberg says, “At the heart of Shagamaw is the carbon frame which is perfect for the rider whose number-one goal is trail-ripping fun. Blending the 27.5+ wheel and tire platform with modern trail geometry provides an outstanding balance of traction and fast rolling speed. This bike is simply a blast to ride.”

Shagamaw can also accommodate 29″ wheels and tires up to 2.5″ for added versatility. Other frame details include full internal cable routing, ports for a dropper post, and Shimano Di2 compatibility in 1x drivetrain configurations.

Look for Shagamaw to hit stores—and trails—in late spring of 2016.

The GX version will be $2,599 and the Deore version will be $1,999.  They’ll also do a frame only for $1,250. While we haven’t spent any time on the trail with these yet the bikes look great, and the glossy blue just looks amazing! More info at

Heller,Shagimaw,Mountain Bike,

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Adventure Film Night #2

Back in July we hosted our first Adventure Film Night with our friends from Adventure Minnesota Films and Arc’teryx Minneapolis. We crammed Quixotic coffee full of people, drank beer, watched awesome films and raised a bit of change to help fund Adventure Minnesota Films. This time we’re back and doing it bigger!

On March 3, 2016 at 7PM we’ll be hosting Adventure Film Night #2 at the Lagoon Theatre with an after party at the Arc’teryx Minneapolis store. We’re limited to 120 tickets so be sure to get them ahead of time they’re $10. If you’re not too worried about the films and just want to hang out at Arc’teryx we’ll all be headed there around 8PM. We’ve partnered with to show some great short films and you’ll get some sneak peeks at the work of Adventure Minnesota Films. Our friends from Save The Boundary Waters will also be there. Details Below!

When: March 3, 2016

Where: Lagoon Theatre – Films at 7PM | After Party at Arc’teryx at 8PM

Buy Tickets Here

Facebook Event Here


As we decide films and we finalize more details we’ll be keep this post updated!

Short Film: ‘SPACE’ by Gnarly Bay and Howl Collective

If you have any interest in amazing short films and quality imagery you’ve likely seen the work of Gnarly Bay and if you haven’t, change that. If you haven’t heard of Howl Collective you may be more familiar with the work of Forest Woodward and his crew which is Howl Collective.

Enough about the people behind it, this film is phenomenal. If you watch this film and you don’t want to immediately see the world with the people you love, check your pulse.

SPACE from gnarly bay on Vimeo.


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Who We Aren’t

As a new lifestyle brand it takes time to develop who we are through our products and our marketing. Judging by the response from fans and customers so far, it seems we’re definitely headed it the right direction. A week or so ago we were discussing with a friend some of the trends on social media that show blatant attempts at outdoor authenticity but grossly fall short. For example, a brand posted a posed attempt at an authentic ‘outdoorsy’ photo, but their campfire wasn’t at all authentic and was quite dangerous. That’s exactly who we aren’t, and motivated us to expand on that.

We’ll never contrive ridiculous situations for a photo, especially those that endanger us or the land. All the pictures we post on social media are either our own or from fans, friends or customers to whom we give credit. Sure we’ll move a hat to catch the light better for a photo, but we won’t make unrealistic scenarios or dangerous ones for a couple more double taps on your iPhone screen.

We’re not into ‘trendy’ design. You’ll never buy something from us that looks worn. Worn clothing isn’t something you buy, it’s something you earn with miles on the trail and years of use. If you see one of our shirts and it looks worn out, give that person a high five.

As for who we are; we will always put out clean unique designs that stand the test of time in both design and quality. We’re true outdoorsmen and women. We go outdoors for the purpose of experiencing it and take pictures along the way. Would you go to a friends house just to take pictures with their nice furniture? We sure hope not, and similarly we aren’t going outdoors just to take pictures with the scenery. We share those pictures to share our experiences and motivate others to do the same.

Oh, and Happy New Year! Thanks for making our first year in business great!

Have a comment? Hit us up on Twitter!

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Get Ready for Winter Hiking

As fall comes to a close and temperatures drop, it’s time to prepare for your winter hiking excursions. While some people see snowfall as the time to hideaway your hiking boots and backpacks, winter is actually a great time to do what you enjoy and take in the quiet trails of winter. Where trails have more traffic in summer, you will be able to get a break and enjoy some peaceful nature when hiking in winter.  If this is your first go at hiking in the frigid temperatures, we have some ideas on how to help you prepare.

1. Plan your hike well in advance. Check for trails that may be closed down from autumn to spring as well as any potential weather forecasts that could inhibit your hike. You also want to make sure that there isn’t any extreme weather conditions that may not exist and other times of the year that could affect the safety of your hike. Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind on any hike.

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#FCBroadtrip – Badlands Aftermath

Like any good adventure basically nothing went as planned. You can see our plans in our initial post about this trip. We started out on target as we made it through Sioux Falls with a quick stop and then on to the campground in Interior, South Dakota after a quick drive through Badlands National Park. We quickly set up camp, got a fire going and made s’mores and had a few glasses of red wine to cap the evening off.

The next morning we got up and threw together some breakfast burritos and coffee before setting out for the day. Our first stop was hitting a few trails in the badlands. We did the notch trail as well as a few miles of castle trail. While the rocky views were amazing the temperature rose rapidly. By about 11AM my watch read 102 degrees. While it tends to be a little high because it’s close my skin once we got back to the truck we had confirmation as the truck thermometer got up 104. Despite taking 3 water bottles for our hike on Castle Trail of just a few miles we were getting dangerously overheated. It was getting close to lunch time so we headed to Wall, SD to look around in some air conditioning and find some food. After a look around Wall Drug and a burger we decided to check out some of the Sage Creek Wilderness Area that I had located before and wanted to check out the primitive campsite. Since it was still steaming hot we figured we’d take the truck around and see what we could. We hit mile after mile of service road along some great views and some of the area bison habitat. Unfortunately we didn’t see any bison as they had the right idea of getting out of the heat and were most likely hiding in the shade somewhere.

Being that it was crazy hot there was no way we were going to camp that night. So we packed up quickly and made our way to Spearfish, South Dakota and got a hotel. We weren’t the only ones. There were several vans and trucks in the parking lot loaded with camping gear. It was just too hot.


The next morning we got up and decided to check out the northern section of the Black Hills. Our first stop was Roughlock Falls. These falls were beautiful. So many people were taking the short route and driving right to the top instead of the mile long hiking trail from below. The trail gave us some awesome views and while it was cooler the hike was awesome. After spending some time just staring at the falls and watching trout swim in the crystal clear water we headed out.


It was lunch time so we found a pull off picnic area that was next to a stream. We found a shady spot and backed the truck in. We were right by the water and while most people in the area were miserably gnawing on smushed sandwiches we broke out our travel charcoal grill and camp stove. We grilled filet mignon and made cheddar bacon potatoes. Some cold beer topped of a good meal. Then we got really creative and made s’mores dip with chocolate and marshmallows in a makeshift foil bowl. We rounded our lunch by sitting and dipping our feet in the freezing cold stream.



After lunch temperatures once again rose and we decided to hit the trails in the truck again. We took service roads into the park just outside spearfish and while some of it was quite rough we made our way up to Iron Creek Lake. It’s a beautiful lake hidden from the crowds with a little shop and paddle boat rentals. So, naturally we rented a paddle boat and paddled around the lake for a bit and just took in the views. From there we took more service roads to Cement Ridge Lookout. On the way we crossed into Wyoming and saw a few turkeys running across the trail. It was much cooler and the wind was just strong enough to feel awesome. We took in the sites once more then hit the trail back.


Because of the high temps the next couple of days were spent hanging out in Rapid City and making our way back to Minnesota. We didn’t hike Bear Butte, we didn’t make it to Devil’s Tower but we made some unexpected excursion that created some great memories. Sitting by a cold mountain stream enjoying a delicious meal we prepared out of the back of the truck will forever be one of my favorite memories. While many couples likely spend their 10 year anniversary on a beach somewhere at some resort I wouldn’t trade the heat, 1,650 miles of driving or the botched plans for anything.

See more images on Instagram with the Hashtag #FCBroadtrip

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CASCADIA – An Adventure in the Pacific Northwest

It’s pretty crazy the people you meet through social media. Shortly after starting Full Curl Brand we found Zach and Allie Leon who operate They’re a young couple that thrives on adventure and loves to share their amazing images and inspiring messages. You’ll actually see them featured on our pages for the Women’s Topo T and the Men’s Ram Skull T.

They’re upcoming adventure deemed CASCADIA will document their 6 day journey through the Pacific Northwest making their way through places like Columbia River Gorge and Whistler up in British Columbia. It will be recorded through their social media channels and their website. They’ve teamed up with some great brands that we’re proud to be alongside and the content that will come out of this will be nothing short of amazing. They head out tomorrow (9/4/15) so be sure to follow them on their various social media outlets linked below or search the hashtag #CSCDIA.

Instagram: @zachtheleon | @allietheleon

Twitter: @zachandallie

Facebook: Zalleon

Web: Main Website | CASCADIA Page

CASCADIA the short film has been released! Take a visual tour of the pacific northwest, make sure you’re watching in HD.

#FCBroadtrip – The Badlands

We’ve been planning this trip off and on for quite a while and it’s finally here! If you haven’t noticed through our social media Full Curl Brand is me (Will) and my wife Christina. We’ve been together since high school, have 3 kids and we’re celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary on August 13th. We’ve gone back and forth about what we should do to celebrate but time and money constraints helped us make our decision, we’re roadtripping to the Badlands.

Let’s Get Bored

Full Curl Brand,Adventure,Mountains,Virginia

I was talking to my wife and business partner for Full Curl Brand the other day as we were planning a summer road trip, which you’ll hear about here soon but my advise to her was, “You could use a little boredom.”. Then I really thought about what I said. We’re in a crazy world of technology, information and distraction which can make for great learning and communication but it also makes you forget what it’s like to be bored.

What I really mean is simply a lack of distraction. One of my favorite things about being outdoors is simply having nothing to do but not die. That’s it, focus on not dying and you’re good to go. Makes all the daily worries of traffic, e-mail and social media a little trivial. When at the end of a day of not dying you can sit in silence and look at stars with the complete absence of worry and what most would call being bored, that’s living.

So here’s a challenge, let’s get bored. Go out somewhere and either get away from cell service or turn the phone off, get outdoors and get bored.

Adventure Film Night at Quixotic Coffee

When we set out to start Full Curl Brand, one thing that was most important to us, (aside from making wicked cool clothing) was to be active members of the outdoor community and inspire others to get out and do more. We’re big fans of adventure films, they’re about as close as you can get to going on an adventure without doing it yourself. A couple months ago we ran into Brenda from Adventure MN Films at a local outdoor event and in talking I suggested we do something together. Over the last few months we tossed around ideas and about that time I also met the guys from Quixotic Coffee and Blackeye Roasting Co through social media. It was a natural fit, we decided to host a local adventure film night. Once our friends at Arc’teryx Minneapolis heard about what we were doing they jumped on board to help as well!

This isn’t a film festival, and if you notice in the header it says, “Adventure Film Nights“. We hope to do this pretty regularly, probably about once a quarter. There’s no judging or awards, just like minded people gathering to drink good drinks share some films and possibly win some gear! The feature presentation will be ‘Among The Wild: Arrowhead 135’. It’s the first film in a series of 4 films focusing on adventures here in Minnesota. I’d highly suggest you go check out the website, it’s a really cool project. We’ll kick off the event with 3-5 short films, and while we have a couple in mind we’d love to get some submissions! If you or someone you know has a short film about outdoor adventure, send us a note to

There will be a $5 cover (cash preferred), 100% of which will go to help fund the Adventure MN Films project. What you get for that $5 is a good night with great films, a chance at some Arc’teryx and Full Curl Brand gear and everyone that shows up will get an ‘Adventure Film Nights’ pint glass! We’ve got some other cool things in the works for the event but we’ll hold off on announcing them to until everything is nailed down.

We’re really excited about this event, and hope to see you there!

Adventure Film Night

Quixotic Coffee 769 Cleveland Ave S St Paul MN 55116

July 29th, 9:00PM | $5 Cash at the Door

Among the Wild: The Arrowhead 135 from AdventureMNFilms on Vimeo.


Kicking Off the Summer Giveaway!

We’re really excited to kick off our Summer Giveaway. We’re lucky enough to be partnering with two awesome brands; Williams Knife Co and the Yonder App.

The coolest piece of the prize pack is undoubtedly the Williams Knife Co ‘Reedy’. This is a great all-purpose knife that is custom made by Chris Williams in South Carolina. I’ve followed along with Williams Knife Co since they opened their doors and I’m continually blown away by the pieces of art they push out the door that double as immensely useful knives.

Guest Post: Chasing Sunrise in British Columbia

sunrise,british columbia,

1:30am: Wake up call
1:31am: Coffee ASAP
2:00am: Pick up first of three equally bleary-eyed hikers
2:45am: Arrive at base of Mt. Seymour
3:00am: Begin the trek…of Chasing Sunrise!

Crazy? Absolutely. But I think we all need a little crazy in our lives. It’s those moments that bring us the most incredible experiences – and this experience was nothing short of incredible.

Surrounded by just over 200 other warm bodies with eyes half-open, we set off on the long gravel road leading to the trail. The hundreds of headlamps lit the path making us feel like we owned the mountain. But soon we were put back in our place when we made a wrong turn that brought us to a dead end. Don’t worry Mother Nature, we haven’t forgotten who is boss.

Defining Adventure

Yvon Chouinard,Adventure,Quote

We throw around the word adventure quite often and we don’t take it lightly. Adventure is what we’re after but we don’t always succeed in finding true adventure. That to us is what it’s all about, always looking for it, always going after more in hopes of finding an adventure. Sometimes trips and endeavors go precisely as they were planned and they were amazing but not quite an adventure. But really, adventure can be quite subjective especially in today’s world of luxury.

Finally a Fat Pump for Your Fat Bike

We like Fat Bikes here at Full Curl Brand. They’re fun to ride, they go anywhere and lets be honest they just look really freaking cool. They’re massively popular here in Minnesota and they’re gaining traction all over the world. With a change in the cycling market always comes a trend toward some really cool accessories. Portland Design Works just launched the Kickstarter for their new Fat Stevens Fat Bike Pump.

Shannon Thomas Featured by SUP the Mag

Shannon is one of our early adopters if you will, we’re a new company and he dug what we were doing from the start so we’re more than happy to share the cool things he is doing!

Shannon is leaving in a few days to paddle his BIC SUP 231 miles over 11 days down the Scioto River in Ohio. Here’s a quick quote from the article.

I’m doing this trip for me—to just get out and paddle. I will be the first person to through-paddle the river, as far as I know, and I’m pretty positive I’ll be the first to do it on a SUP board. I like the challenge of it and wanted to test myself.

He’ll be taking a bunch of photos and video of his journey and we’re pretty excited to see how it all turns out. I highly suggest you go read the entire article HERE. It’s a great feature along with some great interview questions.

Be sure to follow along with Shannon via Twitter and Instagram as well.

‘A Deliberate Life’ A Fly Fishing Film About So Much More

This film has been out for a while but it’s worth posting because it’s a really cool film and I recently went Fly Fishing just outside of Lanesboro, Minnesota. Personally I’m relatively new to Fly Fishing but it was a short romance before I fell in love. The challenge and the solitude have me pretty close to obsessed. This film was one of a few things that pushed me to try Fly Fishing. Along the way, the film also gave me a different perspective and renewed a feeling that I needed to really look at my life and be more deliberate.

‘A Deliberate Life’ was put together by the crazy talented people at Rockhouse Motion and Silo4. If you’d like you can even buy it blu-ray over at the Silo4 website. See the full length film below.

New Styles and New Sizes

We recently not only added two new styles of shirt to our line up but we also added some new sizes. We’ve added a Men’s Small to the available sizes of all Men’s styles for two reasons, first to accommodate younger and smaller stature men as well as to accommodate ladies that like a looser fit. We’ve also added an Extra Large to all of our women’s shirts.

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Film: The Important Places

If there’s one thing that is a close second to actually being outdoors, it’s listening to a well told story of adventure. Forest Woodward and the people at Gnarly Bay have done just that with their film ‘The Important Places’. Not only is it an amazing story of Forest taking his 70 year old father on a trip down the Colorado river just like he did 40 years ago, it’s beautifully told through some amazing images and cinematography.

Rather than bore you with more of my thoughts on the film, just watch it. Turn off everything else in your life, makes sure you’re watching in HD and take the 10 minutes to experience a truly epic father-son adventure.

Feature: Russ Roca,

I’m really excited about today’s post! I have a huge amount of respect for our guest and really love what him and Laura have done with I met Russ and Laura recently at QBP’s FrostBike event here in Minnesota and really enjoyed talking with them so naturally I stalked them down on the internet. That’s what it’s there for, right? I actually pitched Russ the idea of doing a feature here on the Full Curl Brand blog before we launched the company so this has been in the works for a little bit and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Russ is 1/2 of I had happened upon their website before but after meeting them recently I spent some time really reading a bunch of their posts. It’s immensely refreshing and inspiring to see two people doing what they’re passionate about and good at. Take the time to read the interview below and then definitely spend a bunch of time reading their website!

What were you all doing before you sold everything and set out on bicycle?

Before we sold everything to go on an extended bike tour, our lives were fairly normal. Laura was working for a non-profit and I was a photographer based out of Long Beach, CA.  By the time we had left, we were both biking to work so we had plenty of base miles under our legs and were pretty use to carrying lots of stuff on bike.  Before the big trip, we did small weekend bike adventures every month to dial in our gear, packing and cooking.

Short Film: Trail Fighter

This is a great short film from local Filmmaker T.C. Worley. It’s more than worth the just over 6 minute run time documenting a former MMA Fighter who’s transitioned to trail running.

You can see more of T.C.’s great work over on this Website and Vimeo channel

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Feature: Spokane Artist, Christina Deubel

I’ve gotten to know Christina Deubel a little over the last few years, we met via social media and now I actually own one of her original paintings. She’s a great person and a fantastic artist. To be honest, most art is lost on me. I’m a very logical person, I like straight lines and clean designs. Then I looked at Christina’s work and was blown away by everything she puts out. Her nature scenes, impressionist work, it’s just really good. So, I figured why not interview her here. As of this posting we’re a very new company and product line. What better way to get to know us than to get to know the people that we think are doing awesome things? Here’s a quick interview with Christina:

To date what is your most memorable experience in the outdoors?

Goodness, that is a difficult one.  For some reason the most memorable ones are always the ones where something goes “wrong.”  A flawless trip into the woods is great, of course, but the opportunity to learn from our mistakes in the outdoors and become better at the things we love somehow holds greater value to me.  With that being said, I would have to give the honor of “Most Memorable Experience” to a backpacking trip through the mountains of Idaho in which we underestimated the terrain and the trip took far longer than we had anticipated.  I know some people would have looked at that trip as a disaster, but having the ability to prove what we are really made of, push our bodies beyond what we thought was possible and not only survive but walk away stronger and more capable than we began…  Those type of opportunities are priceless to me!

Top 5 Outdoor Gear Resources Online

There’s been a load of marketing research to show that more and more people are looking to social media and bloggers for direction in making purchases. Now that so many purchases occur online, googling things to find reviews is often today’s equivalent to asking the old shop owner or the guy next to you in the store. Below we compiled a quick list of some of the best gear websites for reviews and the scoop on the latest and greatest.

1.– Just down the road from us in Minneapolis, has generated a massive following and has been around forever. They have a massive following because they’re good at what they do. As the name implies they are truly Gear Junkies and provide a great resource for reviews as well the latest product news and announcements.

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Why the Topo T

Why not? Whenever we’re planning our next adventure we find ourselves getting lost in the mesmerizing swirling lines of a topo map so it was only natural that one of our first designs show something we spend a lot of time looking at.

Topo maps can be an immense resource when planning a round or getting to know the terrain in a area. There are plenty of great map services out there and ways to easily incorporate them into Google Earth but one of our favorite mapping tools that’s also free is It’s a heck of a resource when it comes to researching an area or even saving and printing field maps quickly.

You can get your own Full Curl Brand Topo T in our shop in both Men’s and Women’s.

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